Differences between the Harrison Narcotics Act and the Controlled Substance Act

1) What are the differences between the Harrison Narcotics Act and the Controlled Substance Act?
2) What is the Controlled Substances Schedule and how do it work?
3) What is the differences between craving and relapse?
4) What are the theoretical models of drug addiction?
5) How can associative learning, reinforcement, conditioned stimuli, and discriminitive stimuli influence one to become drug addicted?
6) What are the differences between the Incentive Salience Model and the Goal-directed Behavior Model of Drug Addiction?
7) What is the difference between the Drive Theory of Drug Addiction and the Opponet-process Theory of Drug Addiction?
8) What is allostasis and how does it relate to drug addiction?
9) What is the Disease Model of Drug Addiction?
10) Please explain and describe the Brain Reward Circuitry as it relates to Drug Addiction?

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