Successfully leading change through health informatics

Successfully leading change through health informatics requires strategic planning and exceptional project management skills. Proper workflow redesign and clear calculated change strategies are of utmost importance when introducing new technologies and in ensuring their successful adoption and proper use.
1. Think about a patient care technology used in your organization.
2. Describe why strong project management skills are important in the implementation of these types of technologies.

Demonstrate application of
Provide relevant evidence of two scholarly resources in the initial post, clearly stating how the evidence informed or changed professional or academic decisions.
(2) Both scholarly resource must be from a nursing peer-reviewed journal.
Scholarly sources required for the essay must be less than 5years
Demonstrate application of course knowledge.
Demonstrate the ability to analyze, synthesize, and/or apply principles and concepts learned in the course lesson and outside readings and relate them to real-life, professional situations.
Compare concepts and principles from the weekly lesson with personal experience as it applies to the practice setting.
Sources must be less than 5 years.

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