Identify a local organization that you know well or would like to know well.

Intelligence gathering and understanding an organization’s current situation and potential for innovation as dependent on external forces is important. Conduct a TIME (technology, industry, market, and events) analysis of a local organization. See the link in the Module folder. Review Chapter 4 and Figure 4.1 to complete the assignment:

Identify a local organization that you know well or would like to know well.

Review and list the products and/or services currently offered by the organization.
Provide an overview of the technology that the organization uses to compete. Is the technology a product or is the technology an external variable? What information about technology would a project manager need to develop or improve a current product?
Provide an overview of the industry in which the organization competes. Who are the competitors?
Select one of Porter’s five forces and apply the selected force to analyze the organization’s position in the industry.
Provide an overview of the market served by the organization. Select one factor to show the specific data you would gather about market segmentation.
Provide an overview of trends facing the company. What trends might impact this product? How might these trends impact the success of the product?
Determine if the organization uses a market needs or a technology-driven approach. Support your answer.
Summarize the TIME analysis in table format.

Write a four- to six-page paper, not including the tile and reference page which are required.
At least four to six scholarly, peer-reviewed references that provide information and guidance for your assignment.

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