What is HR management in organizations?

have learned in the course. The goal of this essay is to discuss connections between the class readings and Human Resources. Write your paper based on Valentine/Meglich/Mathis/Jackson’s Human Resource Management, 16th Edition

Create 4-5-page paper (the paper must be a minimum of four full pages) using current APA formatting. Your paper should include a title page, headings, and a reference page which is not part of the word count. The title page must include the title of the paper, your name, school, course, faculty name/title, and date. You must include a minimum of 10 cited references from Valentine/Meglich/Mathis/Jackson’s Human Resource Management, 16th Edition.

Use the following headings in your paper:
Introduction – Briefly describe what you will be discussing in your paper.
Human Resource Environment – What is HR management in organizations? What is Human Resource Strategy and Planning? What is Equal Employment Opportunity?
Jobs and Labor – What does the workforce look like? Why is relations and retention important? Why is recruiting high quality talent important?
Talent Development – What are the elements of HR training? Discuss why talent management is important? Describe the advantages and disadvantages of performance ratings.
Compensation – What are total rewards and compensation, how do they affect HR? Explain how companies use benefits as a competitive advantage?
Employee Relations – What is risk management? Explain the elements of employment contracts? Discuss approaches to employee discipline and termination of employment? Discuss Unions and explain why employees join and employers resist?
Conclusion & Summary – Provide a conclusion for your paper, discuss what you have learned throughout this course and how you can use what you have learned in our personal life and/or career. Be thoughtful in your conclusion and summary. I would like to hear what you have personally taken out of the reading and this class.

For your final paper feel free to use your previous papers to help you write your final paper. Your paper should be concise and well written, double check for spelling, grammar and APA formatting.

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