Create a proposal for a study design to address a potential cholera outbreak in Puerto Rico

Study Design Proposal
You are a member of a research team that has been asked to create a proposal for a study design to address a potential cholera outbreak in Puerto Rico.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is sending a team of epidemiologists to Puerto Rico to investigate cases of cholera associated with Hurricane Maria. As a team member, you are asked to research study design for the upcoming investigation, identifying the advantages and disadvantages of the following four designs as they relate to the mission:
Case control.
Clinical trial.
Your job is to report back to leadership with a recommendation for a study design to be used in the investigation. You must also recommend an implementation strategy that considers the nature of the environment and the affected population.
To successfully complete this assignment, you must include the following:
Outline the basic processes a team will use to investigate a public health threat.
Select the appropriate study design for investigating a disease outbreak.
Compare epidemiological strengths and weaknesses of study designs used in research and practice.
Recommend evidence-based epidemiological methods for investigating cases of disease outbreak after a natural disaster.
Describe how to control bias in an epidemiological research study.
Recommend implementation strategies for a disease investigation team.
Additional Requirements
Length: 6–8 pages plus cover page and references.
Formatting: Arial or Times New Roman, 12 point. Use headings and subheadings for each component.
Resources: Cite sources in text and include a reference page in current APA format.

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