Risk factors of Sickle cell disease

Paper should include at least the following, but is not limited to:
Include current statistics on disease distribution
Risk factors
Definitions & background data
Review of normal system anatomy and physiology (brief statement)
Functional changes associated with disease process:
clinical presentation
disease progression
Current trends in care/treatment: may include research currently being done; what’s new on the horizon to improve patient outcomes.
Cultural Sensitive Care for at least 2 cultural/religious groups.
Nursing Care Plan (see template)
Case study including assessment findings
Nursing diagnosis
Minimum of three
One of the three must be teaching related (health promotion)
Nursing goal
must be measurable)
One long term goal (The client will…… by……)
At least one short term goal (The client will….. by…..)
Nursing interventions
Minimum of three per nursing diagnosis
Rationale specific to each intervention

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