statement of purpose for graduate school – psychology/ergonomics/traditional psychology and modern-day engineering blend

Applying for a program and need an admission essay – my background is psychology
The program has a focus in human factors so that would be great to add in. Some of the courses that will be in this program are: sensation and perception, cognitive psychology, human-computer interaction, ergonomics
My personal interests are the psychology of advertising and promoting, correlation between mental health and psychology

Please pick a few things to add in that have to do with the program, you don’t have to choose all!!
– rapid evolution of technology, human development and user experience overlapping
– improve how people engage with technology and products, examine relationship within context of mental health, human interactions and development, drug addiction, workplace/consumer behaviour

what makes me an individual they should consider, what got me interested in this field, skills i have, ideal vision of the future,

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