Discuss the influence of Globalization

We have read and discussed the evolution of globalization and viewed evidence of its influence spreading throughout the worlds 195 countries. That influence has had both positive and negative effects on individuals, corporations and nations, depending on their political, economic, legal and other institutions in those nations as ultimately determined by their many cultures and abilities to co-exist productively. As we have seen in the videos, The Six Killer Apps, and Hans Roslings The Magic Washing Machine, globalization has supported the advancement of the Industrial Revolution, education and societys standards of living. Unfortunately, it has also contributed to initiating both World Wars as well. Globalization is not simply a bridge to discovery of foreign lands, people and markets, it is a dynamic economic force for change that may be welcomed or challenged. Every nation involved in international business from and to other countries has trade policies indicating their favored trade theories and conditions, such as outsourcing production, setting appropriate rules and regulations for their balance of payments outcomes, investments. Most also belong to organizations like the World Trade Organization, the United Nations, World Bank & International Monetary Fund. In short, while businesses conduct international trade, the policies of national governments and international organizations establish the rules to conduct that International Business. Prior to World War 1, the above noted organizations did not exist. European nations formed autocratic alliances for protection against one another while initiating colonization of various African nations to gain control of raw materials and commodities for their factories. As their colonization efforts began to clash, the primary players Germany, France, England and Austria began to expand their militaries. The killing of the Arch Duke of Austria was all it took to light the fire of WW1. World War II, was the direct result of the ineffective conclusion of World War 1, the rise of Fascism/Nazism and the colossal failure of the newly initiated League of Nations. Why this history lesson while you are supposed to be studying for an International Business Exam? Because we need your help. The worlds political and economic environments are beginning to resemble the environment prior to the World Wars: China has been using its Belt & Road Initiative to bring countries into its sphere of influence, while also routinely ignoring the rules and regulations of the World Trade Organization. At the same time, The ., China and the rest of the world are facing a global climate challenge, based on the excess use of non-renewable resources including fossil fuels that will potentially alter every nations ability to support their populations standard of living. We know that the . and China are the two dominant nations involved in international business; and that the permanence of their different governing systems depends on the continued strength of their economic support of their populations well-being. Both nations will be served best by avoiding a war with the other; as the POLICY STRATAGIST for the . Commerce Agency, produce a strategy to encourage cooperation between the two nations, instead of conflict, using the strengths of the . and the other noted organizations, taking advantage of their economic opportunities like outsourcing capabilities, and potential cooperation with allies and their integration into joint trade relations, joint supply chain management and cooperative research toward solving issues of Climate Change, as well as their ability to penalize China for not cooperating (remember, two thirds of Chinas GDP is . production that can be done elsewhere. A4 word processed paper is expected.Show more

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