I need the topic to be about why “marketing is essential to business”

– Introduction
Engaging, meticulously
addresses the main topic,
precisely previews the scope
of the paper
– Thesis Statement
Single sentence clearly and
concisely states the paper’s
purpose; original,
contestable, thoughtprovoking
– Development of
the Idea and
Argument (Body)
Strong supporting evidence
that develops the main idea
Insightful, thorough
Counterclaim(s) thoroughly
Logical and subtle
sequencing and clarity of
ideas; apt transitions
– Conclusion
Insightful, thorough,
containing implications of
and reflections about
– Mechanics
No discernible errors of any
kind in sentence structure,
word usage, punctuation, or
– Usage/Style
-Formal language
-Advanced, vivid diction
-Sophisticated, varied
sentence structure and
approach to evidence
– Citations/Works
Cited List (MLA
-All cited works, both text
and visual, are done
correctly with no errors
-Includes >7 credible and
varied sources

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