What is price elasticity of demand?

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Discussion Topic
1. What is price elasticity of demand? Suppose the price elasticity of demand for used cars is estimated to be 3. What does this mean?
Discuss. Don’t simply give your answer
2. You are on a committee that is considering ways to raise tuition fees for your College. You would recommend increasing the price of tuition only if you thought the demand curve for tuition was:
a. Inelastic
b. Elastic
c. Unitary elastic
d. Perfectly elastic
Grading Rubrics.
In your initial post, use the following grading rubrics
1. Define the terms
2. Explain the terms
3. Offer an example to further illustrate your point
4. Illustrate how this week’s Discussion is related to last week’s topic/assignments/material
After you have posted, remember to make at least two replies by offering some comments/recommendations/suggestions on other students DFs now that you have knowledge of the material.

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