What are the three conceptions of deviance and how do they differ?

1What are the three conceptions of deviance and how do they differ?
2 using “smoking cigarettes” as an example, in what ways can deviance be relative?
3 what does “Stigma” have to do with deviance? Explain using any form of physical deviance as an example.
4 Durkheim said that “anomie” tends to come from the breakdown of “social integration”. What does that sentence mean?
5 Who was Robert Merton and what was his main theory about deviance and conformity?
6 Briefly explain General Strain Theory (GST). How might GST be used to explain the January 6th insurrection?
7 What were the three characteristics of transitional neighborhoods that early sociologists thought created deviance? Which of the three was the least significant to the sociologists?
8 What is the Theory of Social Disorganization’s connection to the “Broken Windows” theory?
9 What is “Differential Association”?
10 In Social Learning Theory, what is the importance of “definitions”? Please give a hypothetical example
11 What are two of the three main critiques of Social Learning Theory?
12 How does “Power Control Theory” explain the difference between genders with regard to deviance?
13 According to Hirschi, what factors might keep a person from becoming deviant?

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