What do we mean by management in Public Management

Essay Topic: What do we mean by management in Public Management?
• Allison – Public and Private Management: Are They Fundamentally Alike in All Unimportant Respects.
• Antonsen and Jorgensen – The “Publicness” of Public Organizations.
• Behn – The Big Questions of Public Management.
• Hood – A Public Management for All Seasons?
• Hood – The New Public Management in the 1980’s.
• Lynn – A Critical Analysis of the New Public Management.
• Behn – The New Public Management Paradigm and The Search for Democratic Accountability.

Your written assignment should be typed and double spaced with 12-point font and one-inch margins top, bottom, and side using the Chicago 16 (Author Date) Manual of Style. All sources must be properly, thoroughly, and consistently cited. Careful attention to grammar, spelling, and the mechanics of presentation is expected.
The point behind the reflections essay is to reflect on what the readings mean in the bigger picture. This is not a simple analysis or listing of what the authors say.
You should reflect on the weekly objectives of assessing the need for Public Management as a separate concept from Public Administration while comparing and contrasting the ideas of publicness and management in an effort to evaluate different approaches to studying public management (course objective 1).
The purpose is to provide a thoughtful critical analysis of the contribution that the readings provide rather than simply what the authors say. You should be providing citations that provide supporting evidence to your analysis. In other words, this is not about your opinion or your original thought. Rather your analysis of the contribution should be about how the readings contribute to what we know as well as how we know what we know. You should have citations in every paragraph to to support your analysis.
Students are expected to complete all readings for each module and submit one, 550-word critical reflection that discusses all readings for the module, in one essay for each of the four modules. The critical reflection is a thoughtful analysis of the contribution that the readings provide rather than simply what the author said. Avoid commentary such as “I liked this”, observations such as “this seminal work by a brilliant theorist Joe Blow”, or “the author should have done something else”. These are all examples of things to avoid in your reflection. Focus instead on the purpose of what the readings are trying to convey, what is the big picture?
A grading rubric is provided in the Resources content on blackboard. Below are a few helpful writing tips for organization and clarity in your essay.
• Sentences should not be more than three lines long.
• Paragraphs should be between 3 – 5 sentences in length. (No less than three and no more than 5)
• Paragraphs should contain a single idea.
Your essay should be 550 words in length.

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