Research Paper on Multiple Sclerosis (see instructions below)

Topic being an organic disease or disorder that is of interest to you: Multiple Sclerosis
The term paper should be between 5 to 6 pages, single spaced and the following guidelines should be utilized:
1. Your term paper should have the following information:
a. The name of the disease or disorder. Multiple Sclerosis (Some diseases have multiple names that should be included too).
b. How the disease or disorder affects the individual who has it.
c. Are there multiple components to this disease? For example, if you are doing a disease such as hepatitis, you must cover the 5 different types that exist.
d. Is there a genetic component to the disease? Give information regarding the genes involved.
e. Explain how the disease affects the body. Provide descriptions.
f. Is there something special about this disease that has not been seen with other diseases?
g. How many individuals in the population are affected? Provide statistics.
h. Explain why this disease is of interest to you.
2. You must include a bibliography with references. If you use material from the Internet, please be sure to provide the web addresses in your bibliography. Any paper turned in without a bibliography is an automatic “F” until the bibliography is received.
3. Be sure to interpret the information you obtain and explain it in your own words, do not commit plagiarism by quoting the author word for word. Limit your use of quotations as you should be able to analyze and explain the concepts by paraphrasing them if you think they are important.
3. Keep your prose objective: This is a research paper, and you should not refer to the reader in your text with terms such as “you” or “your”. keep your prose objective: for example, instead of writing “you will get lung cancer if you smoke”, you should write, “a person can get lung cancer if they smoke”.

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