Cause and Effect

Write a 750-1250 word Cause/Effect essay. Choose a topic in which you can produce a thorough casual analysis. You should cite at least three sources in your essay.
Topic: How physical health affects the mental well being of people
Analyze the caused and effecrs inherent in your subject matter. To properly evaluate your topic, you must think rigorously and ask many questions so that you will not resort to a simplification of the casual analysis. Also, you must be sure to avoid common errors such as post hoc (occuring or done after the event), ergo propter hoc(after this, therefore, because of this), and the correlation/causation fallacy.
Once you have perfomed a rigorous casual analyis, devolop a thesis statement and support that thesis statement within the conent of your essay via logic and evidence. Your approach to this essay may be informative, speculative, or persuasive. In addition, your thesis may focus on causes, effects or both. Finally you may organize your paper in chronological, or in empathetic order.

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