research article that introduces the use of a behavioral theory

Find an original research article that introduces the use of a behavioral theory covered in the text. The study may examine how the theory works, how it relates to a health behavior/issue, how it predicts behavior, etc. You must locate the study in a health promotion journal, or other related journals as cited in the references after each chapter in the text.
Write a brief overview including these Five Sections (Include these Five Headings):
1. Research Questions/Hypotheses
2. Description of Theories
3. Methods (How elements of the theory/ies were personalized or what measurable units the author(s) translated the theoretical elements into action, how the authors collected the information and from whom
4. Results (Main conclusions of study)
5. Summary (Are there program elements and components that do not relate to the theory/ies? How well do you think the authors applied the theory/ies, and why do you feel this way? Also discuss the study’s strength and weaknesses (especially with regard to the theory used), including what you liked about it and what you think could have been done better)
The paper should be 3-4 pages in length. Please reference the original research article with your review.

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