Qualified Minority Director Case Study

Module 8 Assignment: Case Study 2. Review the case on page 116 of the textbook entitled “Who’s Most Qualified to Be Minority Recruitment Director?” In Module 3, you wrote a job descriiption based on this case and hired someone to fill the position. The primary focus at that time was on the function of planning. For this final assignment, we’ll revisit that case with a focus on the functions of acquisition, development, and sanction.

Assume you hired the right person as Minority Recruitment Director. Based on the case, share the Director’s excellent responses to the following:

What are the social/demographic/community concerns, political influences, and conditions within the organizational environment that have affected organizational behavior? Describe how organizational behavior has been affected. How does this relate to the HRM responsibility of ensuring social equity and diversity? What are your suggestions for improving this situation?
Briefly outline your recommendations for recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce.
List the components to include in agency-wide diversity training. How does this training relate to the sanction function of defining the expectations between the employee and employer?
Once you complete this assignment, you will have used this case to work through all four HRM functions!

If you use sources outside of the course materials or quote a source, provide your references in APA format.