READ this Article:
1. Read the following article: Does Your Language Shape How You Think.pdf
2. Write an essay in English with a minimum of 500 words in MLA format. Make sure to support your conclusions with evidence from the article and examples from your own personal experiences.
Here is a great resource for MLA format:

3. Using the information in the article and personal experiences. Include the following:
Discuss at least three examples from the article of how language might shape our thoughts.
Please share any experiences that you have had with misunderstandings related to the use of a foreign language or even a different English dialect. (Think pop, soda, coke, soft drinks, etc.)
What implications do the author´s conclusions have for your field or other fields? (nursing, business, education, etc.)
Could the influence of your native language lead to breakdowns in communication in other languages?
Does this article change the way you view interactions with people from a different culture?
Do you agree with the conclusions of the article or disagree? Why?
5. Upload and submit your essay here on Canvas (.doc or .docx formats only)

90-100 points

80-89 points

70-79 points

60-69 points

0-59 points

Begins with an introduction with a strong thesis
Addresses all parts of the assignment
Engages the topic using details from the article, quotes, and a synthesis of ideas
Utilizes MLA format
Indicates an awareness of key counter arguments to writer´s view
Demonstrates mastery of most of the grammar and vocabulary usage
Ends with a strong conclusion that clarifies writer´s views
Begins with an introduction that shows some understanding of the issues, adequate thesis
Addresses most of the parts of the assignments
Thoughtful response to topic, partially realized analysis
Uses words precisely if not creatively
Utilizes MLA format, perhaps with a few errors
Contains few, if any, errors in sentence structure, punctuation, and capitalization
Ends with an adequate conclusion that presents the writer´s views
Contains thesis statement, but not fully developed
Presents adequate response to the topic, using superficial analysis or weak point of view
Uses logical reasoning, but supporting evidence is weak with few examples
May contain some small, factual errors
Fairly consistent with MLA, some errors
Minor errors in mechanics and usage, sentence structure
Ends with a weak conclusion that may include some inconsistencies.
Contains a poorly developed thesis statement
Responds to the topic illogically, without coherent structure or focus
Several large, factual errors
Makes enough errors in usage and sentence structure to cause a reader serious, if occasional, distraction
MLA usage inconsistent and improperly used
Major errors in quoting
Lacks evidence to support views
Fails to properly end with a conclusion
No attempt to address key parts of the assignment
Lacks organization or detail
Contains many errors in sentence structure, word choice, and grammar
Improper format (not using MLA)
Fails to properly summarize views using supporting evidence

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