Group therapy proposal

Developing a Proposal for a Group
The abstract is a brief overview of your group proposal. You need to ensure that the following
questions are answered in your proposal:

The type of group this proposal will be based on is a college student support group there are examples of college student support groups on google

What is the group’s purpose?
1. What type of group will it be (treatment, task, time limited, open ended, etc.)
2. What are the problems and/or issues the group is designed to address?
3. What does the literature reflect with regards to the problems and/or issues identified?
4. What are the goals to be accomplished?
What are funding considerations (Agency sponsorship)?
1. Expenses (materials, space, staff time, etc.)
2. What are possible funding sources?
3. Who would support this group?
Who is the group for (membership)?
1. For a particular population, such as college students or married couples?
2. For people seeking something specific?
How will you recruit members (p. 170-171)?

What type of considerations will be made regarding composition?
1. What type of screening and selection procedures will be used? What is the rationale
for using these particular procedures?
2. Are the members voluntary or involuntary?
3. (Task Groups) What type of expertise would benefit the process? (Attorney, CEO,
4. How many members will be in the group?
5. How will the group members be prepared for the group experience?
6. Will the composition be homogenous or heterogeneous?
7. Will membership be opened or closed?
1. How will you prepare the group members?
2. What specific procedure will be used?
1. How many times will you meet?
2. How long will you meet?
3. What time will you meet?
What are the environmental factors that will be considered for the group?
1. What arrangements need to be made for the physical environment (e.g. room, space,
2. What financial arrangements need to be made (budget, expense, income)?
3. What special arrangements (child care, transportation, etc.)?
1. What activities will you run?
2. What topics will be covered?

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