IB Extended Essay – To what extent does the lack of healthcare in rural areas infleunce the economy in the United States?

This is called the Extended Essay, it is a part of the IB Program. The Extended essay is an independent, self-directed piece of research that can not exceed the 4,000 limit word count. Please write the essay in 12-point Times New Roman font, double spaced, page numbering in the top right corner. The structure of the essay must be 1. Title page 2. Contents page 3. Introduction 4. Body essay 5. Conclusion 6. References in MLA format
1. The title page must have:
Title of essay
Research question
2. Contents page
Make sure all pages are numbered
3. Introduction
The introduction should tell the reader what to expect in the essay. The introduction should make clear to the reader the focus of the essay, the scope of the research, in particular an indication of the sources to be used, and an insight into the line of argument to be taken.
4. Body of the Essay
The main task is writing the body of the essay, which should be presented in the form of a reasoned argument. The form of this varies with the subject of the essay but as the argument develops it should be clear to the reader what relevant evidence has been discovered, where/how it has been discovered and how it supports the argument. In some subjects, for example, the sciences, sub-headings within the main body of the essay will help the reader to understand the argument (and will also help the student to keep on track). In structuring their extended essay, students must take into consideration the expected conventions of the subject in which their extended essay is registered.
Once the main body of the essay is complete, it is possible to finalize the introduction (which tells the reader what to expect) and the conclusion (which says what has been achieved, including notes of any limitations and any questions that have not been resolved).
5. Conclusion
The conclusion says what has been achieved, including notes of any limitations and any questions that have not been resolved. While students might draw conclusions throughout the essay based on their findings, it is important that there is a final, summative conclusion at the end. This conclusion(s) must relate to the research question posed.

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