Describe rigor in qualitative research.

Hello, please follow the instruction Introduction to the Qualitative Research Process 1) Describe qualitative research. 2) Describe rigor in qualitative research. 3) Contrast the characteristics of qualitative research to the characteristics of quantitative research. 4) There are five approaches to qualitative research; phenomenological, grounded theory, ethnographic, exploratory-descriptive qualitative research, and historical. For each approach, explain the process, the methodologies used to select participants, collect and analyze data. a) Perform a database search to find a nursing research article that illustrates two different approaches. b) Identify the two articles, explain why the research in each article is an example of that design, and briefly discuss the findings of the research. Please answer all questions in APA format 2 pages, Please, you should be utilizing the current textbook. Chapters 3 (attached) And may use this video APA formatting and referencing is correct. Readings, references used beyond required text. No first person is used in the post. Please, 4 References should be no greater than 3-5 years old ThanksShow more

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