How do authoritarian and authoritative parenting styles affect children as they grow up?

Research Question – How do authoritarian and authoritative parenting styles affect children as they grow up?
Your paper in total should be 1200 – 1600 words
*You will not be penalized for exceeding the word count
Your paper should be double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font.
You will need to cite a minimum of five reputable sources in your paper. You can cite more than five.
At least two sources need to be primary source research articles. Three (or more) sources can be secondary
sources. Points will be deducted if you do not meet these criteria for sources.
*IMPORTANT*: In your reference section, bold the citations that are your primary source articles.
Section 1: Essay (This portion of your paper should be written in APA-style)
Section 1 will have three parts: Introduction, Body, Conclusion. Section 1 is essentially a classic essay. It
should be 1000-1200 words. You can exceed the word count.
Introduction: Begin your paper with an introduction paragraph in which you pique your reader’s interest
and/or provide an overview of your topic. Why is this topic interesting? Why should your reader care? As a
tip, here are some good ingredients for your intro: I suggest that you include at least one citation of factual
information from your sources + include your research question in your introduction paragraph. These
suggestions are not mandatory, but just a tip to get you started.
Body: The body of your paper should answer your research question by synthesizing information that you’ve
learned from your sources. Provide explanations of all relevant concepts in your topic area. For example, if
your research question is about effects of authoritarian parenting style, you should first define what an
authoritarian parenting style is.
The organization of ideas should flow logically. And once again, the content and ideas you include in the body
should answer the research question you pose in your introduction paragraph.
Conclusion: Provide a short conclusion in which you summarize what you have presented in your paper.
Section 2: Reflection (This portion of your paper can be more informal as it’s a personal reflection)
Section 2 is a personal reflection. Following the conclusion of your paper, add another heading titled
“Personal Reflection”. Provide a 200-400 word personal reflection: What did you find most interesting? Why?
What did you get out of this assignment? Why were you personally interested in your topic? Etc.
Section 3: References
Provide a reference page using APA-style. Cite all the sources you use in your essay. See the guidelines
below for how to cite sources.
Avoid Plagiarism!
Be sure to summarize all of the info in your own words. Do not use the exact words of another person’s
writing. Canvas submissions run papers through and WILL catch plagiarism. Evidence of
plagiarism will result in a score of 0 on your assignment.
Avoid Quotes
I’m looking for you to summarize information in your own words. As such, I discourage the use of quotes in
your paper. Quotes that add “flavor” are welcome. But quotes that provide central explanations of concepts
are discouraged.
Avoid Personal Statements in the “Essay” Portion of Your Paper
When writing the “Essay” portion of your paper, avoid making personal statements about yourself. The
“Essay” portion of the paper should focus on summarizing and synthesizing the information you find from
your sources. But for the “Reflection” portion, please do include personal statements and information.

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