Media Technologies: Luddism

Please keep the essay simple and straight to the point. It should be 3 paragraphs,
2 pages max, double-spaced. Instructions are on the attached PDF. The main reading
is “In Defence of Luddism” by David Noble, which should be used in the first
paragraph, and “Chapter Six: Luddism” should be used in the second paragraph as a “moment in media tech history”. Thank you!

Media Technologies Essay
Divide your essay into three parts. The parts are stated in the assignment. Simply take those parts as your outline.

Part 1.
Why does Noble think we should defend historical Luddism?
Give a well-reasoned, respectful explanation—no opinion just yet.
This should make up about one-third of your essay.
Part 2.
What examples can you provide from the readings for this class that allows you to show a Luddite perspective?
Show me that you are informed about moments in media technology history and use that information to bolster your position.
Be very clear, concise, thoughtful, and thorough.
This should be one quarter (if shorter than 2 pages) to one-third of your essay.
Part 3.
Conclude by identifying present-day issues in technology that we might not have covered yet in the course.
This can be anything that you think can be understood from the Luddite perspective.
You don’t have to be a Luddite yourself to do this. But if you were to think and write as Noble suggests, you should be able to think of good examples.
This should be one quarter (if shorter than 2 pages) to one-third of your essay.
When you are done with your final version, please review the grading criteria to see if you have done everything you can to get an A. Mistakes happen, but going over your work with the rubric for grading can help you edit, revise, and make corrections that will help you turn in your best work.
F—late or plagiarized
D—fails to cover the three tasks and format requirements in the assignment (read Noble’s essay thoroughly; give well-reasoned, respectful explanations; use examples from the course to provide an informed opinion; comment on present-day issues).
C—covers the three tasks and format requirements, but has writing mistakes throughout
B—covers the three tasks and format requirements, but has a few writing mistakes on each page
A—covers the three tasks and format requirements; no writing mistakes

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