How Come They Make More Than Me?

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APA formatted paper
PART 1 – State the problem (in detail) and the secondary issues of the case study. (2 pages max.)
Drill down into the problem. Management, motivation and/or unhappy employees are not the root problem. See the bold statements below which are closer to defining the issues at hand or the problem and challenge of the case study. Don’t forget to state the secondary issues also.

Management – The company was void of an effective training program to assist leaders during significant culture change of the business.
Motivation – Rewards and punishments are not consistently delivered by managers and departments throughout the company.
Unhappy Employees – Employee benefits, wellness programs, and policy changes are not communicated effectively throughout the organization.

PART 2 – Complete research of 4 articles in the form of an article summary (example attached to assignment). (1 page per article, 2 pages total)
For this assignment, you are researching the identified problem of your case study. The best research is done when you look different industries. We live in a rapidly changing world, for this assignment only use articles within the past 24 months

Limestone library resources

PART 3- Analysis:
A. Defining a baseline for your stated problem from last week (2 pages max.)
This may be difficult. Some of the cases are small. Based on the knowledge given, see if you can define in detail the current situation. To be definitive, you may have to make some assumptions about this part.
B. Create well-defined SMART goals that will help you resolve your stated problem from last week (2 pages max.) (watch this video to learn more about how to SMART goals

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Agreed-Upon
R – Realistic
T – Timely

Conclusion-(1-page max) Bring your solutions together and close the argument that you have presented solutions for and then sell it to me.

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