in China case discussion

Read the in China (page PC3-1 of your textbook, after page 284) and answer the following questions.

Element 1: Answer the following in a well written comprehensive answer (no less than 450 words). Do not list, do not include bullets.

1. Discuss the challenges/differences that the Chinese market presented to Amazon. What did Amazon do to try to adapt and succeed in China. How did they adapt to the market. Be as comprehensive as possible.
2. What are their biggest problems moving forward. Discuss which of these you think Amazon should deal with and how they might deal with it.

Element 2: Cite a concept/idea/data from chapter 7 to support your answer. Include the page number in parenthesis and make sure it is clearly explained what you are referring to within the text.
(I have in included the pdf of the book please only refer to chapter 7, pages 228 to 251. Also please make sure you look at the actual page when including the page number to support the answer.)

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