Lab Report Rough Draft –

This assignment is the formal lab write-up of your experiment form The Effects of Ethylene on Fruit Ripening Lab. Each section (introduction, material, results, discussion) should be in a paragraph form and separated into the different sections. Make sure to read over the instructions carefully and examine the grading rubric, which includes what is expected in each section of your report.

See the example Download exampleif you have questions about the format.

Title (3pts)

Short yet descriptive
Relates to what was actually done

Introduction (10pts)

Introduce the concept you are investigating. Give background information, from your book and/or other sources here. Include citations.
Give purpose of the lab and how it relates to concept you are investigating.
State hypothesis. This can be in the form of an If, then statement, similar to the prediction from lab 1.

Methods (5pts)

Include a detailed description (in paragraph form) of what was done during the experiment and what materials you used. Summarize the lab manual, DO NOT COPY exactly from it.
Your sentences should be in first person, plural (We recorded information…)
Written in past tense
Includes enough detail that this project could be replicated

Results (10pts)

Brief description of results. Do not list all of your data in text. This should be in a table or graph.
Point out interesting results, such averages of data
Table: include title, column headings, and units included
Graph: include title, labeled axes, units, correct type (line, bar, pie, etc)
No interpretation of data. Do not state what results mean or why something happened. Do not confirm or reject hypothesis in this section.

Discussion (10pts)

Summarize experimental results
Compare your expected results (hypothesis) with experimental results
Explain if results are valid or meaningful
Use data to support any comparisons or assessments
Critique experimental design
Problems that occurred and how to fix them
Assess how errors might have effect data
Connect the purpose of the lab to information you learned in class
Compare your experimental results with that of other studies (need citations)
Concluding statement
State if hypothesis was confirmed or rejected
State how hypothesis could be improved or modified for further experiments

Citations (7 pts)

Must cite within text
References section at end of paper
MLA, APA, or Chicago. Any of these is acceptable.

Formatting, Spelling, and Grammar (5pts)

Font: 12pt, Times New Roman
1 inch margins
Double spaced
Each section separate using spaces and include the section title
Correct spelling
Correct use of grammar


Word count not mandated.
I have attached the 2 uncomleted lab directions for the report but the lab does not need to be completed.

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