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Please read closely as this request will need to be bid as a compilation of items. I have attached multiple documents to guide your bid. I have attached all the Item rubrics and instructions, the topic proposal, and the reason for the research. The Paper should follow an APA format with the flow being an Overview of Providing Direction to a business as per the DAC Framework, What the positives of proper direction are, an Overview of the concept of Giving Directions, the Negative Effects of it, Best ways to lead through direction vs. directions, positives for building business direction, etc.

Item #1 Research Outline 2 Pages

An executive summary—a quick run through the essential elements of both your “real-world” organizational leadership issue and your research question or hypothesis.
A very brief summary of a few of the most relevant scholarly journal articles you have reviewed. Include new information found in the data that you have not yet spoken or written about. In other words, as you have gotten deeper into the data, what is emerging?
Overview of your Direction, Alignment, and Commitment highlights, and include some new points that have emerged during the last few weeks.
A preview of what you will cover in your final paper.
A listing of some key heuristic questions.
Make sure you also include a more detailed reference list than you have for the previous projects.
Item #2 Final Research Paper 10 pages (8 Paper, 2 References)

While the focus of the Final Written Report will have a more scholarly tone, the PPT Presentation should have a “TMT” (This Means That) tone with all the important elements of a crisp, clear, and persuasive presentation.
In this Final Paper Report, you will be reviewing research from scholars and providing examples from their research. You will be synthesizing these various examples from research. By contrast, the PPT presentation will also have examples and your interpretation of what those examples mean.
Final Report Paper Requirements (format, page amount, etc.)

10 pages total (8 pages of content, 2 pages reference list)
APA formatting
It is strongly recommended that you review the rubric for this and all assignments prior to beginning your work. The rubrics for this course lay out specific requirements you must meet in order to receive full credit.

Item #4 PowerPoint Presentation w/ Notes 10 Slides

The presentation must have notes for me to read in order to record the presentation

Create slide presentation on Google Slides or PowerPoint
Maximum of 10 slides and must include:
Cover (Title) slide
Overview slide
References slide

All Items must be submitted by the deadline. Please review all attached Items before submitting a bid and message on Bid that you have read and agreed.

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