Research experience program (REP) assignment

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** Please note I’ve attached 2 exemplars – please use 1 study from each of the exemplars to base the assignment off. they have all the information you need to complete the assignment**

For this assignment, you will complete five credits worth of research through the Research experience program (REP). You will select two of your completed studies as the focus of an 800-word research methods essay. You are strongly encouraged to choose studies that employ two different research methods because the variety will give you more material to discuss in your essay.

The Research experience program (REP) will open during Week 2. You will need to complete at least four studies to be able to complete Assignment 2. You will receive your password during Week 2 and access to REP will be available by the end of the week.

For this assignment, you will complete five credits worth of research via the Research experience program (REP), submit a completed REP summary table and write an 800-word research methods essay about two of the studies you completed.
The assignment submission must contain the following components and will be assessed according to the descriptions provided.

1. Assignment title page. The title page should include the title (Assignment 2: Research experience program [REP] assignment), your name, your eLA, and the assignment due date.

2. REP summary table
Mark: Worth up to 20% of assignment mark. Each one credit of research participation is worth 4%.
If you complete the REP summary table with information about at least two REP studies worth five credits, you will receive the full 20%.

In this table, you will provide the details of all REP studies you participated in, including title, number of credits, and whether the study was conducted in a lab (e.g. on campus) or online. In the last column of the table you must indicate which two studies you discuss in your research methods essay.

Assignment 2 REP summary table (**I have also attached this).

Research methods essay
Mark: Worth 70% of assignment mark, with a maximum of 35% allocated for each of the two research studies.
Within the essay, you must provide the title of the two studies you selected. For each of the
selected studies, you will:
– describe the purpose of the research,
– identify and explain the research method used,
– discuss how the method is (or is not) appropriate for its intended purpose,
– and
consider the advantages and limitations of that research method.

When explaining the research method, please be sure to include sufficient detail to demonstrate your understanding of that method within the context of the study.
– For example, if the researchers used an experiment, you should identify the independent variable(s) (IV) and dependent variable(s) (DV), and relate them to the purpose of the study.
– As another example, if the researchers used a correlational study, you should identify the variables whose relationship the researchers are interested in, identify the predictor and outcome variables (if relevant), and relate them to the purpose of the study.

You are strongly encouraged to choose two studies that use different research methods (e.g. experiment, quasi-experiment, correlational study, survey) and/or measures (e.g. quantitative or qualitative measures; self-report or behavioural measures) to give you an opportunity to demonstrate the breadth of your research methods knowledge.

You may choose to write this essay in whatever way you find most appropriate. For example, you may choose to write two separate essays (one for each of the selected studies), you may choose to write one essay (with separate paragraphs for each of the selected studies), or you may choose to write one essay that discusses the studies together. When deciding how to present the information, you should ensure that your arguments are clear and easy to follow.

4. References, appendix and style
Mark: Worth 10% of assignment mark.
You must include the debriefing forms from the two studies in an appendix. You do not need to include all of the debriefing forms for the studies you participated in—only those two that are discussed in your essay.

Your assignment must be written in APA format.

You must include a reference list at the end of your assignment in APA format.
Your citations and references should match (i.e. if you cite something in the essay, it should appear in the reference list, and vice versa).
Your essay should be written clearly, be free of grammatical and punctuation errors, and use APA referencing style.

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