Global crisis of Internal Displacements

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prompt: Describe and discuss four major challenges internally displaced people face

A general guide to writing a reaction/class participation paper:
-You must read the material, watch the lecture and documentaries and note down the main points before you start writing your reaction paper/class participation paper.
-The context: provide a background information about the theme/topic.
-Thesis statement: you must include a thesis statement or the major points you are reacting to at the beginning of your reaction paper.
-A brief information about the reading, lecture and the documentaries
Please restate the prompt you are focusing on. Please reference your source(s) in every paragraph. Sources must include the lecture, the recommended reading(s) and recommended documentaries.

Remember to provide a bibliography or works cited at the end of the essay. The bibliography does not count toward ds the minimum required length of the paper. Quality is the key factor in evaluation of your participation.

Please restate the reaction prompt you are focusing on. Every paragraph of your reaction paper must have at least a source. The lecture recommended reading and documentaries are your main sources for your paper. Please remember to provide a bibliography or works cited at the end of the paper

A reaction paper, like a class participation paper, is your response to the lecture, assigned reading(s) and at least two assigned documentaries on YouTube out of the ones listed.
The reaction paper requires you to acquire important information about the reading(s), the lecture and documentaries before providing and supporting your opinion on the subject under investigation/discussion. You are required to reference the lecture, readings, and the documentary. Of course, if there is no assigned reading, you may provide your own readings and reference them

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