Discuss the impact of the current IP policies to an MNE doing business in China.

For this activity, we will apply analysis to a real-world scenario by answering questions about the Chapter 3 Closing Case Study: It’s a Knockoff World.Please read the case study carefully and respond to the following:Research China’s current policies on IP protection. 1. Discuss the impact of the current IP policies to an MNE doing business in China. 2. How does China rate against other Countries in protecting IP of an MNE?3. How is the legal environment in China dealing with IP protection for an MNE?The analysis is to be completed in current APA format with references. You are expected to go outside of the textbook for additional references to support your comments.Save your assignment using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity number (or descriiption). Do not add punctuation or special characters.Note: This document will automatically be evaluated through Turnitin, Links to an external site.a service that checks your work for improper citation or potential plagiarism by comparing it against a database of web pages, student papers, and articles from academic books and publications. Be very careful to avoid self-plagiarism that is, using previous material written for other class assignments.Review the case study rubric for detailed evaluation criteria.

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