Leadership Theory: Advanced practice nurse

An important element of delivery of nursing care is the professional practice model (PPM)within which it is framed. These models define the structures and processes within which care is given. It can delineate the degree of autonomy within which nurses can practice that leads to higher quality of care. While these frameworks are informed by nursing, organizations must support implementing these models.

Regardless of the type of facility, nursing practice should be framed within a specific nursing professional practice model. Most PPM have components that include the nursing vision/values, nursing practice standards, teamwork, recognition and advancement, evidence-based practice/research, nursing care delivery model, shared decision-making, and some type of reflective practice.

For this collaboration:

Compare two different professional practice models in nursing. Share which PPM attracts you more than others and why.
Describe your organization’s PPM and evidence of the components listed in the discussion prompt.
Talk about how the organization could address gaps in the model you’ve discovered.
How might you lead the initiative?

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