Maryland Health Care Root Cause Analysis and Summary Analysis

In this assessment, you examine a case of fraud and try to determine why and how it happened.

Read Maryland Health Care Provider Sentenced to 10 years in Federal Prison for Health Care Fraud Resulting in Patient Deaths from the United States Attorney’s Office.

Create a Root Cause Analysis using the Five Whys to determine why the Medicare fraud occurred and Timothy Emeigh’s participation in the case.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word summary analysis that identifies and evaluates the root cause for Medicare fraud in this case.

Include in your summary analysis the following:

Articulate the “Five Whys” for this case and provide an explanation for each.
Speculate how and why Mr. Emeigh participated in the scheme.
Explain what you, as an administrator, might have done to prevent this from happening.
Recommend risk management strategies the organization can utilize to prevent this and similar types of events from occurring in the future.

Cite your sources according to APA guidelines. Be sure these sources are cited within the text of the narrative.

requires a Root Cause Analysis using the five why’s and a Summary Analysis

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