Identify one impact evaluation question that would be interesting to explore.

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Skills Demonstration #3: Impact Evaluations

1) review the link on Project Impact and

2) answer the following questions.

Identify one impact evaluation question that would be interesting to explore.
Based on your question, would your research design change from What was identified in the last skills demonstration? If so, how?
Identify 1-2 variables you would collect information on to answer your evaluation question.
Identify at least one data collection approach you use to collect the information.
Who would you collect data from?
What cultural aspects would need to be considered when designing the evaluation? Name one way you could demonstrate responsiveness to these cultural realities.
Considering the organization where you would evaluate the intervention/program, identify one organization within the community that would be beneficial to engage in a collaborative research approach based on the intervention/program selected for your evaluation. Provide one example of how you would use this CBPR partner to inform specific aspects of your evaluation plan.

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