provide a clear estimate of the time/length of the program (example; I created a 15-hour program instead of a 10-hour program).

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Some people have been critical of the sex education curriculum taught in schools because it has focused traditionally on biology/anatomy of the human. They argue that a sex education program should include more than a focus on the physical changes. If you had the financial backing, educational support, and freedom to create your own program, then what would you think should be taught to younger people?
Your task will be to create a detailed outline of topics and activities (in other words, the content you will cover and what tasks will you use to aid in the learning and/or evaluation) for the curriculum of a sex education program geared toward young teens (ages 10-14, for example).
As for structure, imagine that you will have about 10 hours of class time devoted to the program (over one month of class meetings). If you decide to exceed that amount of time, then you should provide a clear estimate of the time/length of the program (example; I created a 15-hour program instead of a 10-hour program).
Consider using organization to make it easier. Think about headings like Day, Time Planned, Specific Topics and descriptions, Activities to enhance learning, Evaluation.
Caution: Please make sure to be clear with your entries in terms of labeling and description. An activity such as “discussion” does not really help me with clarity.
After creating your outline, answer the following questions regarding your program in numbered format:
When do you think the program should begin? At what age/grade? For what reason(s)? Would you separate students by sex for their instruction? Provide your reasoning.
Who should do the instruction with the program? What training should they possess, and how can you make certain that their information is up-to-date?
How would you measure the learning/knowledge of the students? In other words, how will you know what they know about sex?
How might you respond to parents that would object to the curriculum that you have planned? Should there be options for attendance in the program?
Would you plan to provide materials (such as spermicides, birth control, and/or condoms to promote safe sex? If so, which materials, and how could you make certain the materials are being used correctly?
How would you answer those who suggest that teaching sex education is, basically, giving people an implicit approval for sexual contact?
Make sure to quote and cite as appropriate (and I do not expect students to copy and paste a program already in existence).

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