Written Exercise: The Next Silicon Valley

Written Exercise: The Next Silicon Valley. Part of our discussion in this session involves what has made metropolitan areas like Silicon Valley, Research Triangle Park (Raleigh, Durham, Winston Salem) NC or Seattle the centers of Tech. In that conversation we will evaluate what qualities provide a city or cities the best opportunity to emerge as a high-tech center or ecosystem, with special focus on NYC, Brooklyn and Long Island City. Using that as a basis and internet research, order (prioritize) the following cities which have the best possibility as emerging as the next high-tech center or ecosystem and why: Newark NJ, Austin TX, Nashville TN, Cleveland OH, Pittsburgh PA, Boston MA, Orlando FL, Atlanta GA, Salt Lake City/Provo UT? Are there any others that offer a better shot than those mentioned? Also of all of them, can any really rival the Bay Area as the dominant Center of Tech?
As a helpful reference tool, use the Metro Dashboard from the Brookings Institution

Metro Monitor 2017 Dashboard