Geographic analysis and innovation clusters analysis

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A replacement incentive program in New Jersey to “Grow NJ,” which is currently under investigation for abuse, and corruption favoring insiders. Now, take a look at three county of Jersey Shore – South Jersey: Atlantic, Cumberland and Cape May, to see if there is a chance to help New Jersey to grow.

Analyze those 3 counties in South Jersey: Atlantic, Cumberland and Cape May through two analyses:
1. Geographic (Market) Analysis. Outlining how the selected regions stacks up on competitive indexes for economic, social and demographic metrics. This serves as a foundation for understanding the strengths, challenges, and opportunities for the regions.(Demographics, location, household income, employment rate, talent inventory, education, highway, airport, seaport, etc )

2. Technology/ Innovation and Cluster analysis Identifying the region’s key industries, innovation strengths. This will provide the direction for how the proposed site should support the local economy and its industry cluster.

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