The Question: “How might you draw upon insights from this module to enhance the effectiveness of strategy implementation and management of change in your SMALL organisation?”

1) READ the following key documents (as attached):
– CA4 – Strategy Implementation & Change. This sets out the profile and direction of the content. I want your paper to take care of the theory and methods of innovation and management. Once complete I will be applying in Appendix the specific frameworks mentioned – Schein, Johnsons Cultural Web, KOTTER is key to this subject matter. Balanced score card etc.
2) You dont need to go outside of the documents I have provided to frame this paper. This paper is not about SWOT, PESTAL etc. This paper is about IMPLEMENTATION and CHANGE in a small organisatoin with limited resources etc.
3) It is to prioritise 1 year, 3 year and 5 year time frame for implementation as anyting longer is too difficult in a small business.
4) Other attachments are specifically related to the course and subject matter and can be integrated and referenced in the paper you draft.
5) Include / write in detail on the document Notes on Cultural Web. this provid basis for you.
I am and will be available for progress discussions so that the objectives can be aligned progressively.