PSA (or PiSA) Parking – Intelligent ShareApp

Apply Stakeholder Engagement (including especially a communications and stakeholder engagement matrix) and other Communications Tools to a Case Study. Take on the role of a Product Owner and Project Manager.
The product is: PSA (or PiSA) Parking – Intelligent ShareApp, which lets individuals and business make parking spaces available to the public for a fee of their choice – a sort of Uber or Lyft, but for parking spaces, not rides.
1. You are not creating an entire Project Management Plan. You can (and should!) assert that the broader project plan exists and that you are the folks responsible for a deep-dive into the COMMUNICATIONS and STAKEHOLDER planning portions of the overall project plan.
2. You may also assert that the PiSA software is mostly developed and ready at least for a pilot implementation.

Could you be responsible for Tow Companies and Shopping Districts (Downtown Crossing) as two stakeholders? And write an introduction to the whole project.
Feel free to use references. And you don’t need to use a matrix in this part.