Explain the general topic and relevant themes (e.g. heroes, suffering) and any relevant terms for that topic (suggested 2-3 slides). Apply that topic to both Shahnameh and to Inferno.

Purpose: For this assignment, you’ll choose one of the topics below, evaluating Shahnameh and the Inferno,
and then present to your instructor via 8-10 slides and a brief video
overview. This assignment will build your analytic, evaluative, and
both visual and oral presentation skills. The video component will also
serve to verify your identity for the purposes of this course.
Again, this assessment will also serve to verify your identity in
this course. During the video you should hold your student or
state-issued ID in front of the webcam for a few seconds – long enough
so that your instructor can clearly see your photo and name. You can
cover your address, ID number, or other identifying information with a
post it note or sticker, but your face and name should be clear. This
identification verification process is required to pass the course, and
is in lieu of an in-person or virtually proctored exam.
You may be able to further flush out the writing you have already
done in discussions towards these goals. If you choose a different
topic than the ones on which you have already written, the discussion
posts and responses may still be useful and inspiring to you. However,
be careful you don’t plagiarize your classmates’ work. We
encourage you to use the background material in the course to further
develop your own original interpretations and arguments; researching
other secondary sources is not required for this assignment, and
plagiarism of other sources will not be tolerated.
First, choose one of the following two topics:

Topic #2: Although two very different literary works, both the Shahnameh and Inferno deal centrally with the existence of human suffering and mortality. Discuss how the two deal with such issues as
what causes human suffering;
what seems inevitably tragic about human existence;
how one should deal with suffering;
what one should learn from an understanding of human mortality.
One passage you should include part or all of in your presentation
is from the section about Saiawush. Rustem loved Saiawush, the son of
Kai Kous. The passage says,
“By the hairs of his head they dragged him [Saiawush] unto a desert
place, and the sword of Gersiwaz was planted in the breast of the royal
cedar. But when it was done, and they had severed the head from the
trunk, a mighty storm arose over the earth, and the heavens were
darkened (Saiawush).
From the Shahnameh, your
presentation will probably focus on Rustem, Sohrab, and/or Saiawush; for
Dante, you have many options, but the following characters and their
sad stories make especially good choices for the subject (but you can
choose others if you wish; just one will do): Virgil, Francesca, Pier
della Vigna, Brunetto Latini, Guido de Montefeltro.
Second, create a slide presentation of your
argument. Include both text and images that illustrate and enhance the
points you are making. Use the following as an outline of what to
Explain the general topic and relevant themes (e.g. heroes,
suffering) and any relevant terms for that topic (suggested 2-3 slides).
Apply that topic to both Shahnameh and to Inferno. Give specific examples and quotes from the texts to support your analyses (suggested 5-7 slides). You may want to check the feedback from your previous assignment to make sure you improve upon your earlier efforts.
Your final slide should be your Works Cited slide, with both texts in MLA format.
Check the Building a Great Presentation
page and accompanying links in the How to Succeed in this Course module
for more assistance. Make sure you save time to submit your draft to
Tutor.com via the free Tutoring Services link for helpful feedback before the due date. Make sure you save and submit your presentation as a PDF.
Third, and finally: you’ll practice briefly
presenting on a few elements of your project. Open your video by
clearly showing your student ID (or other government ID) to the camera
for a few seconds for identity verification. During your presentation,
please don’t read each slide out loud. Instead, trust that your reader
has already looked through your slides and use the time to discuss what
you yourself found compelling about this project.
For example:
what do you feel is the most fascinating part of your presentation, and why?
What do you understand about these epics now that you didn’t before you worked on this project?
What interesting connections have you made?
If you had time to continue working on this project, what might you explore next?
Shoot for a total presentation time between 2-3 minutes.
IMPORTANT: It is recommended that you record your
video outside of GoVIEW and save it as an mp4. To submit your video in
the assignment tool, click on the “Record Video” button and then select
the “upload” option at the top. Please note that if your mp4 is bigger
than 1 gb, you will need to use the “Add File” option instead.
Alternatively, you can upload your video to YouTube and provide a link
for your submission. When using YouTube, be sure to set your video as
“unlisted” which will allow your instructor to view the video but
prevent it from displaying publicly in search results.
You’ll be graded on your ability to analyze and evaluate your topic
through both your slides and your oral presentation, as well as your
effective use of visuals and your MLA formatting. Familiarize yourself
with the criteria below and the grading requirements by going under
Assessments/Rubrics in your nav bar to the Unit 5 Presentation Rubric
File submissions: Please submit your presentation as a PDF file, and your video of yourself within the assignment tool.
Criteria on which you will be graded:
Your arguments are thoughtful
Your slides and your oral presentation are well-organized (and you’ve verified your identity)
Your analysis is specific and original
Your effective use of both language and visuals
Your quotations and Works Cited are correctly formatted in MLA style

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