Organizational Behavior research and opinion paper

The purpose of this paper is to research a topic in Organizational Behavior and then identify how it relates to a company of your choice during this pandemic. First, you will identify your topic (based on the choices below) and your company(one that has changed/struggled during the pandemic).

The paper will consist of the following parts:

A.) Present academic research defining and explaining the chosen topic. Academic peer-reviewed articles will be used for this section. Examples and/or uses of the topic are encouraged.
B.) Include a brief explanation of the company and how the pandemic has changed or closed the company. Include here the reason(s) you chose the Organizational Behavior topic to present for this company.
C.) Recommend how the company should change as the pandemic winds down (or as it continues) based on your chosen Organizational Behavior topic. This could mean how they
incorporate your topic now during the pandemic, how they reopen, and use your topic once the pandemic cases, or how they must change their product or service to meet the problems that occurred from the pandemic (or during the pandemic).
D.) Identify strengths and weaknesses of your recommendation(s) for the company based on your Organizational Behavior topic analysis.