Write an essay of 2-3 pages (MLA format) that responds to the following question:

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Write an essay of 2-3 pages (MLA format) that responds to the following question: (

(the book Moby Dick) How does a consideration of Chapter 23 (“The Lee Shore”) and the opening paragraph of Chapter 1 (“Loomings”) lead to a deeper and more complex understanding of the novel thus far?

Part of the work of the paper is to determine what aspect/s of their joint consideration you choose to focus on.


Your introduction should frame the work of the paper and declare what you’ve found.

The remainder of the paper demonstrates your findings through the interpretation, analysis, and comparison of key passages in the text.

The interpretive work of the paper should begin with an examination of “The Lee Shore” (your focus), before moving to “Loomings”.

Plan to work with passages from Chapter 23 and Chapter 1 in the same space (ie. the chapters should be in conversation throughout the paper).


You are writing for a reader that is already familiar with the text
Every keystroke is an opportunity to persuade
Persuasive writing considers clarity, brevity, and depth
Do not go to any outside sources for the language and/or ideas of the paper

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