The Correlation between unemployment, poverty, and HIV incidence in the United States

it should be no more than one page. Abstract text must be double-spaced with no paragraph breaks. Describe the overall research problem being addressed in the first couple of sentences and indicate why it is important (e.g., who would care if the problem is solved). You can include a general introduction of the issue in the first sentence, but you need to move to a clear statement of the research problem being addressed. Identify the purpose of the study; state theoretical foundation; summarize the key research question(s); and describe concisely the overall research design, methods, and data analytic procedures. Identify the key results and findings and recommendations that capture the heart of the research for the final doctoral study; however, do not include results and conclusions in the proposal abstract. Conclude with a statement on the application to professional practice and the implications for positive social change. Here are some form and style tips for the abstract: (a) limit the abstract to one typed page; (b) maintain the scholarly language used throughout the doctoral study; (c) keep the abstract concise, accurate, and readable; (d) use correct English; (e) ensure that each sentence adds value to the reader’s understanding of the research; and (f) use the full name of any abbreviation, and include the abbreviation in parentheses if you use it again in the abstract. Do not include references or citations in the abstract. Per APA Style, spell out numbers nine and below, and use numerals for numbers 10 and above. If a number is the first word of a sentence, always spell it out.
Research Questions

RQ1 – What is the correlation between poverty and HIV incidence in the United States?
RQ2 – What is the correlation between unemployment and HIV incidence in the United States?