ABA Model Rules Assignment

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This assignment will require research into the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct and
scriipture. You will thoroughly analyze the model rule through the lens of scriipture and determine
whether the model rule or the scriipture imposes a greater ethical responsibility on the Christian
legal professional. This analysis requires research into the moral and ethical underpinnings of
each model rule and requires one to apply a Biblical worldview to shape the analysis. This
research project will develop a deeper understanding of the Model Rules of Professional
Conduct, enhance research and writing skills, and will show the importance of applying a
Biblical worldview to the practice of law.
You will complete this assignment in two (2) parts. For each part of this assignment, you will
select ten (10) of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct.
You can locate a link to the most current version of the ABA Model Rules of Professional
Conduct in the Learn section of your assigned Module: Week.
You may select any model rule, or specific subsection of a model rule, but you may only use
each rule once. You must insert the model rule, verbatim, into a blank document that you create.
Choose an appropriate passage to incorporate from the Bible that illustrates the moral duty
imposed by Scripture. (You may select any passage of Scripture provided that you can link the
passage, in an appropriate manner, to the principle outlined in the selected rule.) You must insert
the passage, verbatim, immediately following the model rule. In at least 150 words, explain how
that particular passage relates to the selected model rule. For each rule, you must indicate
whether the biblical standard would impose greater ethical responsibility on the Christian legal
professional than the model rule. You must cite each source in Bluebook format using footnotes.
For the ABA Module Rules Assignment, LL.M. students only are required to write an additional
250 words for each answer totaling 2500 words.
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

link to model rules here:

Use the Bible as the other source

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