Analyze language, line, imagery, and theme in poetry.

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Analyze language, line, imagery, and theme in poetry. You can must analyze at least one of these elements in every poem in your essay.
Engage 3 different poems, The poems must be written after 1960.
Use evidence (quotes, paraphrases, summaries) in your body paragraphs to support your ideas and arguments
Note: Your essay cannot express negative opinions about poetry.
Please work this into the paper somehow, it does not need to be word for word.: “To be poetic is like the surrealist artist. What is written stems from reality, but does not show itself in the most straight forward manner. The words are paired together very meticulously, and formatted so as well, to portray a very specific emotion which is otherwise not possible with a standard prose. Something poetic may not be understood the same way to everyone, rather summon similar memories of the same emotion, deja vu if you will.
On the other side, poetic is used almost in place of karma. In many films, it is poetically portrayed when the antagonist receives the same fate he placed on others. A rather heartbreaking example is The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. The son of a nazi commandant is killed in a gas chamber at the concentration camp run by his father. The son did not understand concentration camps, making it all the more tragic and poetic.
A well written book reads like poetry. It sings with emotion, although you may need to read between the lines to understand what the written truly means. A well written poem, uses few words to convey the same understanding.
Poetry as a performance is less poetic. The emotion behind is being shown outright, with little interpretation allowed. While it is faster understood, it is shorter lived and faster to be passed over. For a poetic performance to be recognized and widely appreciated, the form of song, or a chant, or rhyming is often needed.
The best poetry of all? I would argue the old philosophers. While not explicitly poems or poets, they beliefs, ideas, and way of writing, allows for interpretation and emotion.”

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