Define globalization. What is driving globalization?

1 Define globalization. What is driving globalization? What are the advantages and disadvantages of globalization?(1 mark for each part)
2 What are the main idealogical difference between a left, center and right wing approach to governing a country.Where would you place the current Canadian government on this spectrum.?(1 mark for each part)
3 Cite THREE examples where the RELIGIOUS belief of your customers might affect how you interact with them.(Describe how you might adapt your interaction with a client based on their religious beliefs)(4 specific interactions that would be affected by the religious beliefs of the buyer)
4 What ARE the two most important reasons for knowing the legal system in place in a country where you are conducting a business transaction.(discussed in class)
5 Identify FOUR ways in which the former (and new)NAFTA / USMCA free trade agreement differs from the Economic/political union (EU)in Europe.(How are they set up to permit different types of interactions between businesses and citizens—–give two ways.)

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