Explain in detail how you will do the evaluation, what you will be evaluating, what tools will you use to make the evaluation, and why.

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Using the foundation of information from the readings and the lectures in this course, you will be required to write a final paper. This paper should highlight your knowledge on evaluating health sciences research articles. You should be able to show that you (1) understand research design and how it applies to the translation of medicine. (2) understand causation, research analytics, outcomes and the quality of the process and application of the aforementioned. (3) are able to identify the different types of risk of bias associated with research within a research article. (4) are able to conduct a comprehensive quality assessment of a research article.

The written section of the final project will be a scientific paper that is a comprehensive critical evaluation of the systematic review you identified and it’s success or failure to address patient population diversity and inclusion. In this paper you will introduce the systematic review and summarize it’s outcomes then discuss the general importance of diversity in clinical research (Hint: Think Risk of Bias). You would define the objective of your paper at the end of your introduction. Your methods section of the paper should focus on the scientific approach you used to assess the level of diversity and inclusion in the systematic review and how you plan to evaluate the effects the strength or weakness had on being able to use the systematic review as evidence based medicine across diverse populations. (Hint: Do not provide any of your results or findings in this section, just the methods). Your results section will report out what you have found in detail. Discussion would be focused on what the results mean and what can be done in the future.

Final Project Written Minimum Requirements:

Abstract explain you are conducting a critical review
Introduction – Introduce your topic explain what it is and its value to the health care community. Explain the objective of your paper as it relates to understanding evidence based medicine.
Methods – Explain in detail how you will do the evaluation, what you will be evaluating, what tools will you use to make the evaluation, and why.
Results – Explain what facts you found in the evaluation.
Discussion – What does the information you found tell you.
Conclusion – What can you conclude.
The written paper and reference must be in AMA format.
No more than 1500 words.

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