Visual Rhetorical Analysis

The advertisement to be analyzed is “Mr. Clean.” Please NO OUTSIDE SOURCES. Please make 7 full paragraphs, and each paragraph should be between 7-15 sentences. Use THIRD PERSON only, and follow the instructions I put below.

Paragraph #1: Write an introduction with an attention grabber, and provide background information and context about the terms and ideas of the “Mr. Clean” ad. Please include and highlight the thesis statement and the transition sentence to the next paragraph.

Paragraph #2: Consider whom this advertisement is for. Define and explain the exact “bull’s-eye” demographic for the ad. Describe the sub-target group. Also, explore the other audience members the ads could appeal to.

Paragraph #3: Do a summary and description of how the “Mr. Clean” advertisement looks. Explain the relevance and purpose of the description.

Paragraph #4: Explore the “Mr. Clean” advertisement’s use of language and text.

Paragraph #5: Explain and explore what character types are used in the “Mr.Clean” ad to sell the idea.

Paragraph #6: Discuss the rhetorical strength of the “Mr. Clean” advertisement (it could be emotion, message, and effectiveness).

Paragraph #7: Conclusion

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