What are HP’s management criticisms of the offer from Xerox?


Questions for article 1:
1. What does the increase in loan- and bond-funded dividends indicate about corporate confidence?
2. Why are private equity firms beneficiaries of the current trends in leveraged loans to pay dividends?
3. Where is the demand for leveraged loans coming from?
4. Why is demand for leveraged loans expected to continue through year-end?
Questions for article 2:
1. On what basis is LVMH seeking to walk away from its acquisition of Tiffany and Co.?
2. What are other reasons why LVMH may have sought to terminate the transaction?
3. Why was LVMH originally interested in acquiring Tiffany & Co.?
4. Given the information in the article, do you think that the stock market is truly efficient? Why or why not? (In an efficient market, stock price incorporates new information immediately).
Questions for article 3:
1. What are HP’s management criticisms of the offer from Xerox?
2. Discuss the role of Carl Icahn in connection with the proposed combination of Xerox and HP.
3. What are the issues being raised in the shareholder lawsuits referenced in the article?
4. How does HP plan to fund the announced share repurchase and what are some of the constraints of which it needs to be cognizant?