. Observe the order of the meeting with respect to the agenda

For the City of Cocoa Beach, Florida, write an APA-style paper based on their city council meeting. Make sure to include the following: 1. Observe the order of the meeting with respect to the agenda 2. Observe an entire NEW agenda item – topic, discussion, comments from the public, was it approved, tabled, disapproved 3. Note who all was sitting at the dais – board members (titles) and others (titles) From the information you have observed and/or collected, write a 4-page paper using APA format about the entire process from your perspective. Make sure you include the name of the board, the title of the board members, identify support staff, the purpose of the board/meeting, and the results of the item you observed. Part of your analysis should include the legal authority that allows this board to function, are the decisions of the board binding, is there an appeal process to a decision, and if so, what is that process. Reflect on your observations of the board, if you were ruler for a day, would you revise/revamp this board or leave it operating the way it is currently set up – in other words, does it serve a useful purpose? You must have references in your report, including the applicable laws or ordinances that the board meetings must follow or the board’s authority comes from. I have included the meeting agenda and meeting minutes for you to use.