Evaluate the role of identity, diverse segments, and cultural backgrounds within organizations.

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Assignment Content Competency Evaluate the role of identity, diverse segments, and cultural backgrounds within organizations. Scenario As a Human Resources manager for your company, the Director of HR has asked you to be part of a new project tasked to the department, creating a diversity scorecard. The scorecard will be the focal point to many new diversity projects for the future. The director has asked you to provide some research in a business report that will be used to create the diversity scorecard. You will need to choose and research one of the following publicly-traded companies and create a business report of your findings based on the given tasks below. Note that you are not creating a diversity scorecard. Instructions First, choose one of the following companies: AT&T Toyota Motor Apple Berkshire Hathaway Exxon Mobil Next, develop a business report that: Provides an overview of the company, including a brief history, their mission, and their current cultural make-up. Note: cultural information can be found on company websites in the “About,” “Our Company,” or “Values” area on the company homepage. Examines the role of identity and how it may create challenges or opportunities for the company. Assesses the importance of diverse segments within the company workforce Describes different cultural backgrounds’ impact on a company’s success. Identifies the ways in which creating more diversity at this company can create a long-term impact for the company.

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