How has the research literature you have read informed your research aims and understandings of your research problem?

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This task comprises reflective responses to five questions which are designed to help develop your ideas for AT2 and AT3: Question 1: What is educational research and what are your own assumptions about what good educational research look like? Question 2: What is your chosen topic and why is there a need for further research on this topic? What is the research problem your research will address? Question 3: How has the research literature you have read informed your research aims and understandings of your research problem? Question 4 : What is your proposed research question and why is this research question important? Question 5: What research design do you think might be appropriate for answering your research question? What kind of data might you collect and analyse? The total word count for this task is 2000 words (including references) which is approximately 400 words per question. You may choose to provide longer and shorter responses to some questions if you wish but you must include a response for every question. Your responses should: Demonstrate your emergent thinking about research and your research topic/aim/question and methodology; and Demonstrate excellent academic writing skills. Grading Criteria: Please note that as this is a formative piece of assessment, it will not be marked against a marking rubric. Your collective responses will instead be assessed out of a total of 30 marks against the following criteria: Criterion 1 = 80%: Thoughtful and detailed short responses that illustrate your analytical thinking about the readings, clips, discussions, classes and research concepts as you progress through this unit. Criterion 2 = 20%: Referencing, writing style and overall scholarship Here are some references to use – Connell, R. (2013). Researching education. In R. Connell et al., Education, change and society. Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 294-300. – Yates, L. (2004). What does Good Education Research Look Like? Situating a Field and its Practices. McGraw-Hill Education.

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